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"I wanted to use the space I had in my garden to create away to save and earn money at the same time, I contacted under the blue sky and they were nothing but professional, would recommend 100%"

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Loyal Users

"If I had to say one thing about solar and that is what a fantastic investment it is, couldn't of asked for more, I am earning money for doing nothing. People should get it, and use under the blue sky!"

Mr. Caine, Bristol

Solar energy is one of the most unique ways that electricity is produced. Photovoltaic cells are able to take the natural energy of the sun, convert it into DC electricity, and after being processed by an inverter, the AC electricity can be used by your household. People that have substantial funding can actually install very elaborate solar arrays that will not only provide enough electricity to run your house, but sell the remainder to electric companies that will willingly purchase it so they can have enough for peak seasons. You can also qualify for funding, depending upon your credit, with your local bank or credit union to install even a small amount of solar panels that will help offset your electric bill. If you live in Southampton, there are a couple companies that you can contract with that will install them for you at any time. Let’s look at how you can get the best deals, in which solar panels will be your best option for creating free energy from the sun.

The Miracle Of Solar Energy

Solar panels are very unique electricity producing devices that are manufactured using silicon just like computer microchips. Once they have been molded into PV or photovoltaic cells, and used to create a solar panel, it can convert sunlight into electricity using what is called the photoelectric effect. The efficiency of the solar panels that you purchase will be based upon the type of panels that you get, and the purity of the silicon itself. The higher the grade of silicon, the more expensive the solar panels will be, yet you will yield much more electricity as a result.

Different Solar Panel Options

There are three very popular types of solar panels that are used by many consumers today which are called monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar cells. There are others which include amorphous silicon, copper indium millennium selenide cells, and also building integrated photovoltaics. If you want the highest efficiency rates, you will use monocrystalline solar panels because they are made of the highest grade silicon available. They also have the most longevity, and also perform very well even with low light conditions, making them the most efficient yet most expensive of all solar panels available today. People will use polycrystalline silicon solar panels because they are less expensive to make, and therefore will cost far less. The efficiency is very low in comparison to monocrystalline solar panels, with thin-film solar panels being the least efficient.


When you did you intial search for us, and you receive our quote. Obtaining solar installs from us is very simple to set up, but you do not need to worry about our price as were the most competitive in the industry. Remember its your decision, you will want to use a company like us because we are highly recommended not by our reviews, but also by our ratings on the Internet. All of these factors will play a role in making your final choice for a company that can do your solar panel install. Once done, you can start to enjoy free electricity created by the solar panels on an investment that will pay for itself many times over and choosing us will be the best option.

If you do have the money to simply invest into solar panels, this is a very wise decision to make. If you have great credit, or if you can work a deal to get a discount going through your electric company, this is another way that you can get financing. In the end, over a period of perhaps 5 years, maybe less, your investment will start to pay for itself. Hopefully, just a few years in the future, technology will advance the efficiency of solar panels, making it possible for everyone to enjoy electricity created by sunlight instead of having to pay your electric bill.

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